Grade 1

Grade 1

Learning Recommendations

The course provided by is designed to (hopefully) teach you, one lesson at a time, everything you need for grade 1.
After each lesson there is exercises. It is recommended you go through these exercises and check them regularly against the answers provided in a seperate file.
You don’t need to complete every question in every exercise, but it is recommended to complete enough exercises so that you are consistently getting the correct answer, and the exercises no longer present any challenge. The foundations you learn in the early grades are priceless.

If you are already comfortable with much of the terms within grade 1, I recommend checking out the Summary, and check you understand and know about everything discussed in there, before moving on to official Past Papers, our own Grade 1 Review Questions, or grade 2.

If you are studying for a graded exam, I highly recommend you check out Foreign Terms before getting started with any of the lessons (whether on this website or any others). You are expected to know the translations for all of the foreign terms listed in that lesson. So it is worth starting to learn them now, and gradually learning them day by day, a few at a time.

All of the lessons for grade one are available below, alongside the worksheets. Below is everything available so far:

Music Theory in Practice Book

You will probably see me recommend this book many times throughout grade 1, but that’s because it is worth every penny, and can be bought for £5 or less normally.
It is Music Theory in Practice by Eric Taylor and is an ABRSM endorsed book, designed to help get people through their grade 1 exam.
However, whether you are doing your grade 1 or just learning music theory in general it is, without a shadow of a doubt, the best book I have yet come across for teaching frist stages of music theory. It has just the right amount of detail and explanations, and just the right amount of questions. The only thing missing is any answers, which is disappointing.
Buy it here

I do ask, however, that should you choose to purchase this book or any past papers, you purchase them through the links provided on this site, as it helps provide a bit of extra income for the website and allows me to keep devoting time to the regular updates on this website. I would only recommend books I have seen, and believe are truly worth their value.*