Grade 1 Summary Worksheets

Grade 1 Summary Exercises / Worksheets

Grade 1

These questions are similar to the ones within ABRSM and Trinity grade 1 past papers. They cover everything discussed in all the lessons so far, with two exceptions: There are no questions on performance markings and none on foreign terms. Sadly, there would be no way to test your knowledge of all the performance markings and foreign terms within these exercises, however they are fortunately easy to test yourself on.

If you struggle with any of the questions, I recommend checking out the relevant lesson and then coming back to them.

After these I’d advise you to go over some past papers, which you can purchase here off Amazon. I do ask if you do purchase the papers to do so through that link, as doing so helps cover the costs of running this website and offering free resources.

If you are not sitting the grade 1 exam, however, there is no need to purchase the past papers (unless you really want to of course!), so in that case, just go ahead and go onto the grade 2 course.

Should you still struggle with the exercises here, then the best recommendation is to look at buying the book ‘Music Theory in Practice’ by Eric Taylor.
It is without a doubt, the best book I have come across for learning grades 1-5 music theory, and it helped me a great deal when I was studying for music theory many years ago. The later editions only gets better, and the quality of the content, alongside the just right amount of questions will be sure to help you get even more prepared and brush up on any weak spots, whether your learning music theory generally, or hoping to sit a grade 1 exam.
Buy it here

If you do choose to purchase the book, I do once again ask you to purchase it through the link on this site. That way Amazon will offer a cut of revenue, which is what helps this site stay active and allows me to have the time to continually update the website.


The Worksheets

Grade 1 Summary Exercises

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