Note Values Worksheets

Note Values Worksheets

Grade 1

We have three pages of worksheets on note values, designed to get you comfortable with the different types of notes discussed in the Music Note Values lesson.

You don’t have to answer all of the questions, but it is recommended you answer enough questions until you are getting them right consistently, and are finding them easier.

Music note values are as essential to music as ink on a page is to writing. They determine the rhythm of a piece, one of the most basic and important concepts in any music piece.

As such, you need to become familiar with them. If you’re struggling after completing the note values worksheets, you can always go through any piece of music and write down the names of the notes and how many crotchet beats they are worth, or how many quavers each note is worth etc.

The worksheets

Note Values Worksheet


If the note values worksheets are not sufficient and you think you need more questions and/or worksheets, or you see any errors, please contact me here. I am always looking to improve the website and all the lessons and worksheets within it.

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