Rest Values

Rests Values

Grade 1

Rests are simply symbols that dictate a pause in music.
Rest values have the same duration as note values, and we will look at them all starting with the semibreve/whole note rest, down to the semiquaver rest in this lesson.

They are used for a variety of musical purposes, and when playing music they should be treated with as much significance as any other note, as the rhythm of a piece is exceedingly important.

The Semibreve/Whole Rest Value

The semibreve/whole rest lasts four crotchet beats, the same as a semibreve or whole note.
They may also be used to mean a whole bar rest, making the semibreve rest unique compared to the other rests.

Semibreve Rest Value

The Minim/Half Rest Value

The minim/half rests last two crotchet beats, the same as the minim.
It is the same symbol as the Semibreve Rest, however it points up from the middle line, whilst the semibreve rest points down from the second to top line.

Minim Rest Value

The Crotchet/Quarter Rest Value

The crotchet/quarter rest is as long as a single crotchet beat. It can be awkward to draw, so it would be a good idea to practice drawing it several times until it is clear and located on the right part of the stave.

Crotchet Rest Value

The Quaver/Eighth Rest Value

The quaver/eighth rest lasts as long as a single quaver note.

Quaver Rest Value

The Semiquaver/Sixteenth Rest Value

The semiquaver or sixteenth rest lasts as long as a single semiquaver.

Semiquaver Rest Value


Therefore, all notes have an equal rest symbol. This image should be an easy way to visualise the notes and rests we have looked at so far:

All notes and rest values