Time Signatures Worksheets

Bar Lines and Time Signatures Worksheets

Grade 1

There are three pages of bar lines and time signatures worksheets. The first worksheet is easier, and the second and third exercises are similar to the questions you will get in the exam.

Consequently, in the Summary Worksheets you will find other questions for adding bar lines and time signatures. Make sure you look at these when you get there, as there will be new things we have looked at which may make it more difficult.

You don’t need to do all of the questions, just do enough until you are consistently getting them correct, and are confident that you will be able to complete similar questions in the exam.

The Worksheets

Time Signatures and Bar Lines Exercises

These exercises are free for distribution, as long as the logo at the top of the pages, and copyright information at the bottom of the pages remains there, ensuring a clear link back to www.learningmusictheory.co.uk.