Grade 2

Grade 2

Learning Recommendations

Grade 2 is the next step up from grade 1. The free music theory lessons we offer will teach you bit by bit everything you need to know for grade 2.

There are worksheets following each lesson (coming soon), which will help cement your music theory knowledge, and the worksheets available for general grade 2 are styled to be similar to grade 2 past paper questions.

Whilst completing all questions in all worksheets is not necessary, it is definitely recommended to complete enough questions so they become easy and tedious and you are getting them right consistently, as that is when you have fully learnt the topic and hand.

If you are already familiar with grade 2, I recommend checking out the Summary (coming soon) and if there is anything you are not familiar with there to go through the lessons and worksheets.

After you are comfortable with the summary information, it is best to move on to the official ABRSM past papers.

Before going into the grade 2 course, I very strongly recommend looking at the grade 2 foreign terms lesson before getting started on the course, as doing them a bit at a time is an easy way to get some extra marks and learn the terms needed for music theory. Learning them all in one go a few days before the exam is going to deviate your time from other topics better worth your time.

All of the lessons for grade two available so far are below. Exercises for the lessons are still a WIP. Below is everything available so far:

Music Theory in Practice Book

The music theory in practice books are going to be recommended frequently throughout the grade 1-5 courses. They are definitely the best books you can buy and provide all the information and exercises needed to get through grades 1-5. This is the book I used to learn grade 2.
Buy it here

I do ask, however, that should you choose to purchase this book or any past papers, you purchase them through the links provided on this site, as it helps provide a bit of extra income for the website and allows me to keep devoting time to the regular updates on this website. I would only recommend books I have seen, and believe are truly worth their value.